ALL NEW Pickleball League at Paddock Park

3 BRAND NEW COURTS for 2024!

Game Times

  • Games played between 6pm and 10pm
  • League Start Date: May 20th

Game Format

  • Pickleball Rules
  • Levels of Play: Casual (beginners & intermediate level players) & Competitive (4.0+ level of play)
  • 3 games per team played within a 45 minute time frame, whichever comes first (minimum of 2 players required to start the game); if finished early, you still get full 45 mins of play
  • Points are scored only by the serving team
  • Regular season games (play to 11, DO NOT need to win by 2)
  • Equipment: players must bring their own paddles
  • Played on brand new surface
  • Maximum roster size is 6
  • No Gender requirements
  • Tournaments will be held on some weekends starting in June!
  • Awards for Player of the Month, League Champions, League and Playoff MVP’s and more!
  • Action Photos and Highlight Clips!

All individuals and small groups will be placed on a team with a maximum of 6 players on the roster. Two players from one team will be on the court at one time and will play two players from the opposing team. Teams with more than two players can choose to alternate games or rotate in on a serve. If there is a winner before the allotted time is up, the team can scrimmage for the remaining time, ensuring you still have 45 minutes to play.

You have two options for registration:

  1. You can register as a team captain/full team and decide how many players you would like on your team (2 min, 6 max). This also will ensure you will be registered at the same time.
  2. You can register as an individual/small group, and you will be placed on a team with other individuals and/or small groups. Each of these teams will have up to 6 players depending on the registration.

Space is limited, REGISTER NOW!

League Rules can be found by CLICKING HERE